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Doing the WORK of UX

I like to think of myself as a pretty pragmatic guy. Nothing bugs me more than spinning wheels talking about thinking about doing something, and never getting around to the DOING! UX designers have a tendency to be navel gazers.

A lot of what we do involves specialized tools, concepts and methods, and we (out of necessity) have to pay a lot of attention to those tools and methods. The danger here is to let yourself turn THOSE things into the work, and never get around to doing the REAL work of shipping.

In Seth Godin's newest book, Linchpin, he spends a lot of time on this exact problem. The lizard brain LOVES stuff that is safe. Things that can't fail.

While vitally important to getting the job done WELL, don't get caught in the details of things like...

  • user stories
  • use cases
  • personas
  • workflows
  • usability testing

...or else the job won't get done at ALL. 

If it's NOT in a product/website/thing, it DOESN'T exist.
Make sure your work exists.