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DIY Usability Testing – the video

A big thanks to the folks over at for uploading my presentation from WordCamp Boulder last month.

And, on the advice of the wonderful Whitney Hess, here's a sampling of the Twitter responses to my talk at WordCamp Boulder. Thanks again for all of the kind words:

  • "#wcboulder Be sure 2 catch Steve Martin on DIY Usability Testing. Extremely valuable preso." -@ron_z
  • "Seeing tons of tweets that you rocked your session, @CleverCubed. Nice work! And damn if I miss one of your talks again! #wcboulder" -@caligater
  • "From what I have heard, I am sorry I missed @clevercubed at #wcboulder - I will be finding the video of that one." -@comomma
  • "I have to say I think @clevercubed was the best part of #wcboulder yet. Oh, the awesomeness." -@savysarah
  • "RT @savysarah: I have to say I think @clevercubed was the best part of #wcboulder yet. Oh, the awesomeness. || I agree" -@JamesReyes
  • "@clevercubed hit a homerun w/ usability talk. Well done. #wcboulder" -@jasonmonster
  • "@CleverCubed you rocked it sir" -@andrewhyde
  • "@clevercubed Congrats on the home run preso at #wcboulder!" -@ron_z
  • "Overheard more than one person state @clevercubed 's talk was the best they heard today at #wcboulder I'd have to agree." -@DaryleDickens
  • "Steve is crushing it at #wcboulder on UX." -@CohereLLC
  • "My favorite session at #wcboulder was DIY usability. What did other people like?" -@ClickAdvisors
  • "Enjoyed WordCamp Boulder! The DIY Usability Course was cool. Thanks to everyone that put it together. #wcboulder" -@NameTalent
  • "The hype for Steve Martin's usability talk at #wcboulder was well-deserved. Great info." -@chrisscott
  • "#wcboulder redeemed itself with the DYI usability testing bit" -@hankpantier