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I'm Speaking at WordCamp Boulder!

I'm super excited about speaking on "DIY Usability Testing" at WordCamp Boulder coming up this weekend! I attended last year's WordCamp (in Denver) and had a great time, learned a ton, and I'm looking forward to this year. I'm honestly a bit surprised that I'm going to be speaking, but woohoo, it's true! This is actually a good example of one of my personal philosophies: "You do not have because you do not ask" (a prize to any reader who can tell me where that quote comes from). We all THINK that things are out of reach, but only because we've never stuck out our arm to see! I've talked to a lot of people about their lives & businesses and over and over and over they tell me that they got the "big deal" or landed the "big client" because they simply asked. For me, I went to the WordCamp Boulder site, bought my ticket, and then thought "Hmm… wonder who's speaking this year." So I went to the speaker page and it basically said, "We're still looking for speakers. You interested?" Well shoot, yeah! So I submitted my idea (even though it wasn't strictly a WordPress theme) and a couple weeks later I got confirmation that they'd picked me to speak! It's going to be awesome, and I'll post slides/video up here as soon as I can. Wish me luck.