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New direction, new name

Yes, it's true: Floating Point Media, Inc. has changed its name to Clever Cubed, Inc.

The question of the day: "WHY?" Well, let me explain… When web design as an "industry" really started out, one guy did the whole site: planning, design, coding, writing, SEO, marketing, etc etc. Over time, the term "web designer" wasn't so much about "design", rather, it had become a synonym for "guy who builds a website from the ground up". But, as you know, things change quickly in the world of the interwebs. As sites became more complex, and above all, business-critical, aspects of the web development cycle became more and more specialized. Businesses began to spring up that did only ONE aspect of "web design" as opposed to being a one-stop shop. My good buddy Jeff over at Rocket Jones Interactive told me that when they switched over to doing nothing but web programming 7 years ago, some people thought they were crazy - "What, now I need more than ONE company to get a site done?!" Well, yeah! And here's why: As web development gets more and more specialized, websites get better and better. It's the age-old saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none." I don't know about you, but if my business depends on my website, I want some masters working on it, not someone who's just "okay" at a bunch of stuff. I founded Floating Point Media, Inc. as a full-service web design agency back in 2004. Back then I did what a lot of web design companies do: tried to be all things to all people - the proverbial "Jack." This worked out fine for the past 6 years, but as I took a hard look at my business this year, I asked myself some questions. Could I design? Sure - I did an okay job, but there are loads of designers out there WAY better than I am.  Could I code? Sure - front end stuff, at least, but I found it tedious. Could I do marketing? Sure - depending on your definition of "marketing." So what was my "sweet spot" in this whole website creation thing? Then it hit me one day (after saying it to loads of people for the past year): What I really love (and I'm really good at) is developing the underlying structure of the website and making it usable and effective. In other words, Information Architecture, Web Usability, and UX Design. So I took the leap and decided to change directions and go deeper instead of wider in the web development world. Leaving the graphic design, web marketing and programming to others more qualified, I decided to focus on my area of expertise.  Along with that change in direction came a change in name: Clever Cubed, Inc., and a new title for myself: "Website Architect" To say the least, I'm very excited about the change! It's very freeing to no longer worry about aspects of my job I'm not the best at, but to be able to focus on and improve the aspects that I love. Hopefully I can also enable my fellow web industry folks to do the same by taking a lot of those things off of their plates when we work on projects together. And through this change, I hope to be able to encourage you to do the same: Find out where your strengths lie and focus on those. And turn the aspects of your business that you dislike over to someone else, because believe it or not, those things are someone else's passion, too.