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WordCamp Boulder 2010

Last weekend was WordCamp Boulder 2010, and it was GREAT. Super big thanks to Devin, Alex, and all the other folks at Crowd Favorite who made the day possible. I had a great time, met some awesome people, and had a BLAST speaking. I started off the day at the "Creating a Blog Community" panel, then moved on to the "WordPress Consulting Discussion" which was really good, then hit the "WordPress Development" session which was WAY over my head. After lunch with Steve & Josh I got to the Techstars building early to set up for my presentation but the DOOR WAS LOCKED. No biggie - we still got in with 2 minutes to spare.

My presentation went AWESOME (if I do say so myself). It was a full house, and everyone told me they learned a lot and had a good time to boot! Mission accomplished. We did a live usability testing session using the Deep Rock Water site, and it turned out to be a perfect choice: serious OBVIOUS issues right out of the gate, many things to change (boy does that company need my help!), and everyone got a good feel of how a testing session works. Several people told me afterward that they had always WANTED to do testing, but weren't really sure how it looked & worked in real life, so watching a test live helped immensely. Glad I could help :)

After my presentation there was only one session left, so I went to "What’s Next for WordPress" which was a presentation by Jane Wells, UX designer for WordPress. Good stuff. I even got to talk to Jane a bit afterward - super cool and super smart woman.

Many asked both at WordCamp and after about the slides for my talk, so here they are. I TRIED to upload them to Slideshare, but my fancy animations and stuff were too much for it to handle, so I've exported everything to a Quicktime Movie.

Feel free to email me or leave a comment if you have any questions.ENJOY!!

CLICK HERE to download the full-res version (53MB .mov file).

****UPDATE**** : I finally got Slideshare to accept my Keynote file. (Don't get me started). The full video version linked above is still there, but here's a more USER FRIENDLY version (with notes and everything!).