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Conversions 'R' Us

I was recently asked to give a webinar (although I hate that word, just for the record) about how to increase conversions on your website. The organizers wanted to call it "Website Optimization: How to increase conversions & boost revenue", but that sounded kinda boring and dry. So I called it "Conversions 'R' Us" - much better, I think. Then I asked myself, "Steve, what's the most effective way to increase conversions on a website?" to which I responded, "A killer user experience!" to which I agreed.  I checked with Whitney Hess for permission to use the 4 steps she outlines in her "DIY UX" talk, to which she kindly agreed, and the presentation turned out pretty good (if I do say so myself). I also borrowed a couple slides from my DIY Usability talk, to which I also kindly agreed. (Oh, and I stole the "Zune vs. iPod" idea from Jared Spool)

If you'd like to see me give this presentation in person, stay tuned for an announcement of where and when (hint: Art Lab, Fort Collins, Colorado - sometime in the future).


DIY Usability Testing – the video

A big thanks to the folks over at for uploading my presentation from WordCamp Boulder last month.

And, on the advice of the wonderful Whitney Hess, here's a sampling of the Twitter responses to my talk at WordCamp Boulder. Thanks again for all of the kind words:

  • "#wcboulder Be sure 2 catch Steve Martin on DIY Usability Testing. Extremely valuable preso." -@ron_z
  • "Seeing tons of tweets that you rocked your session, @CleverCubed. Nice work! And damn if I miss one of your talks again! #wcboulder" -@caligater
  • "From what I have heard, I am sorry I missed @clevercubed at #wcboulder - I will be finding the video of that one." -@comomma
  • "I have to say I think @clevercubed was the best part of #wcboulder yet. Oh, the awesomeness." -@savysarah
  • "RT @savysarah: I have to say I think @clevercubed was the best part of #wcboulder yet. Oh, the awesomeness. || I agree" -@JamesReyes
  • "@clevercubed hit a homerun w/ usability talk. Well done. #wcboulder" -@jasonmonster
  • "@CleverCubed you rocked it sir" -@andrewhyde
  • "@clevercubed Congrats on the home run preso at #wcboulder!" -@ron_z
  • "Overheard more than one person state @clevercubed 's talk was the best they heard today at #wcboulder I'd have to agree." -@DaryleDickens
  • "Steve is crushing it at #wcboulder on UX." -@CohereLLC
  • "My favorite session at #wcboulder was DIY usability. What did other people like?" -@ClickAdvisors
  • "Enjoyed WordCamp Boulder! The DIY Usability Course was cool. Thanks to everyone that put it together. #wcboulder" -@NameTalent
  • "The hype for Steve Martin's usability talk at #wcboulder was well-deserved. Great info." -@chrisscott
  • "#wcboulder redeemed itself with the DYI usability testing bit" -@hankpantier

Website Usability - Why & How to DIY

Last night I had the honor of speaking to the Fort Collins Internet Pros group about Web usability - what, why, and how to do it yourself. It was a packed house, and I think a fun time was had by all (everyone especially liked the flames in my Keynote presentation :) ) - oh, and everyone learned a lot!  I had a lot of requests in person, via Twitter, and email to put my slides up somewhere for all to see - so here you go!

FYI - This is a Quicktime video exported from Keynote. You can click on the video itself to advance the slides. If it doesn't act right, wait a bit for the whole thing to load (it's about 15MB total) and you'll be good to go.


Should you want to download the FULL RESOLUTION of the slides in all their fiery glory, click here to download (42MB total)

I'd love to hear what everyone thought about the presentation - leave a comment!!