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Recent Design Portfolio & Other Work

Below is a sampling of my most recent UX research, design, visual design and information architecture work. I appreciate you keeping the information below within your organization.

Additional wireframes, designs, etc etc can be provided if you'd like. Just ask.


Cohesive design across platforms and products


I led the effort at Pelco to completely redesign the user interface (visual and interaction) of a suite of software products and tools bringing 20+ different "looks and feels" into one cohesive experience. I worked on projects both individually and with larger design teams to define the optimal experience for our large user base while balancing technical constraints with market needs and expectations.

Mobile application: Wireframes to finished app


I spearheaded the creation and design of the Pelco's first mobile application on both iOS and Android. The concept had been discussed for some time but no progress had been made, so another designer and myself were able to work with a developer to rapidly prototype of the mobile application. This led to the executive staff immediately agreeing to fully fund development. The resulting application has received rave reviews in both the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play Store as well as positive feedback from key customers who now use it as their primary interface for their security video systems.

Detailed visual design specifications


Early on, I saw the need for and established the design and use of these specifications to enable development teams to focus on coding instead of making decisions about colors, placement, etc. This led to less churn, fewer mistakes, faster development time, and a more consistent presentation to the users.


    User Research & Information Architecture: card sorting, similarity matrices, etc.

    IA similarity matrix.png

    When I redesigned a very complex camera configuration interface, one of the first steps I took was to determine the best information architecture. I compiled names of users and customers around the country and used an online service to walk them through a card sorting exercise. The resulting data (shown above as a similarity matrix) allowed me to group the features by what made most sense to the users, as opposed to the engineering-centric IA of the previous interface. 

    Interface design concepts


    This is a small sampling of some of the wireframes I sketched as an effort to find entirely new ways of interacting with security video. The goals were to figure out how to follow a subject through a building and find better ways of sorting through a system with thousands of cameras.

    This and a great deal of other innovative work was done while working with the Schneider Electric Solutions and Technology Office (STO). The charter of STO was to introduce innovative new ideas, solutions, processes, products and services to the larger Schneider Electric organization. The UX group was purposefully a part of this initiative in order to take advantage of a UX Designer's understanding of how users think, feel, and react, and to utilize our background in researching users and markets to find the true, underlying "needs" of users, not just stated "wants." As a part of my efforts in STO, three patents were filed under my name which relate to how users interact with devices, how cameras can be more easily installed and configured, and new methods of powering devices which are ultimately more user-friendly.

    UX Speaking

    I was privileged to speak at WordCamp Boulder in 2010. The video below is of my presentation on "DIY Usability Testing" - a session which was very well received.

    I have spoken a number of times through the years on various UX topics but, unfortunately, only this session was recorded.

    UX Podcast

    From 2010 to 2011 I was part of a podcast (with a developer friend of mine) known as "Einstein & Sock Monkey" on which we discussed User Experience and general web-related topics. We were also privileged to have interviews with design and UX leaders such as Jeffrey Zeldman, Josh Clark, Cennydd Bowles, and Kevin Hoffman. The podcast was a huge success (in our minds) and a lot of fun.

    Below is episode 16 "One Less Thing" (all episodes available here)